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ONYX Sinclair London


Classic and uncomplicated forms accentuate beautiful tailoring for the ONYX Edit. The shapes are sharp and to the point, with every aspect of each piece considered, down to the meticulous choice of cloths. Using nothing but the best materials from lambs wool to cashmere and double crepes.
A neutral palette of black onyx, lead grey, aluminium silver and crystal white dominates the collection. Colour blocks are broken up by panelled detailing on the overcoats, while delicate flashes of sheer tulle inserts.

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Black Dress with tulle shoulders Sinclair LondonBlack Dress with tulle shoulders Sinclair London
Black Dress with tulle shoulders Prodejní cena£275.00
Ušetřete £97.50Open front grey dressOpen front grey dress
Open front grey dress Prodejní cenaOd £227.50 Běžná cena£325.00
Co-ord Set - Sinclair LondonCo-ord Set - Sinclair London
Co-ord Set Prodejní cena£780.00
Peak Lapel Cape
Peak Lapel Cape Prodejní cena£595.00
Panelled hem pencil skirtPanelled hem pencil skirt
Panelled hem pencil skirt Prodejní cena£255.00
Asymmetric Dress | Sinclair LondonAsymmetric Dress | Sinclair London
Asymmetric Dress Prodejní cena£367.00
Ušetřete £76.50Peplum style trouser - Sinclair LondonPeplum style trouser - Sinclair London
Peplum Style Trousers Prodejní cenaOd £178.50 Běžná cena£255.00
Ušetřete £201.00Panelled Overcoat - Sinclair LondonPanelled Overcoat - Sinclair London
Panelled Hem Overcoat Prodejní cenaOd £469.00 Běžná cena£670.00
Ušetřete £93.00Shift dress  - Sinclair LondonShift dress  - Sinclair London
Shift dress with overlay Prodejní cenaOd £217.00 Běžná cena£310.00
Cascading Hem OvercoatCascading Hem Overcoat
Cascading Hem Overcoat Prodejní cena£380.00
Lounge Set - The Black TrouserLounge Set - The Black Trouser
Lounge Set - The Black Trouser Prodejní cena£110.00
Lounge Set - The Black CamisoleLounge Set - The Black Camisole
Lounge Set - The Black Camisole Prodejní cena£65.00