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Wardrobe Management

Our wardrobe management service offers uncompromised wardrobe recording of every item our private clients own. Offering an full inventory of your garments.

Tailoring Service

VIP Tailoring

Starting a new corporate role at C-suite or Director level? Been promoted or simply have a calendar full of high-profile events, conferences or summits? We will keep you looking sharp by sculpting your wardrobe to your silhouette. Our VIP Tailoring service provides on-demand and on-site alteration tailoring both for planned and international immediate travel.

Tailoring Service

Garment Concierge

Our Garment Concierge service is our full wardrobe management service. Offering AI wardrobe management solutions coupled with bespoke styling. Coordinating and reporting outfits for important calendar events.

Working with partner celebrity stylists to coordinate outfits and accessories to complete on-trend looks.

As a VIP tailor, Alicya Sinclair offers the highest level of professionalism and discretion. What separates this package is our clothes maintenence service. Maintaining your garments in tip top condition for longevity. Offering garment care, garment repairs and refurbishment as well as our tailoring alterations service.

Garment Concierge & Wardrobe Management

By us organizing and managing your pieces, helps to keep your wardrobe on track and fully prepared.

Alicya's Tips

Ask Alicya anything and read more female tailoring and sartorial tips.

Sinclair London female tailoring

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