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Artículo: The Buccaneers - First Looks Inside AppleTV+ series of spectacular bespoke costumes.

The Buccaneers - Sinclair Stories
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The Buccaneers - First Looks Inside AppleTV+ series of spectacular bespoke costumes.

In the realm of period dramas, Apple TV+ has captivated audiences with its latest offering, "The Buccaneers." Set in the lavish backdrop of the 19th century, this series not only boasts a compelling narrative based on the original mini TV series produced in 1995, but also showcases a visual feast for costume enthusiasts.

Let's delve into the exquisite world of costumes that transports us to a bygone era and some of the key principle looks crafted by Alicya and the team.


A Glimpse into the Past:

"The Buccaneers" transports viewers back to the 19th century, a time when societal norms were rigid, and fashion was a manifestation of status and identity. The costume design in the series masterfully captures the essence of this era, offering a nuanced glimpse into the lives of the characters and the societal constraints that shaped their wardrobes.


Elegance Redefined:

One cannot discuss the costumes of "The Buccaneers" without highlighting the sheer elegance and attention to detail. From sumptuous ball gowns adorned with intricate lace and embroidery to soft tailored suits that exude sophistication, the costume designers have spared no expense in recreating the fashion of the time. Each ensemble is a work of art, transporting viewers to a world where clothing was not just a necessity but a form of self-expression. Now lets take a look at the fantastic minds and hands behind the seams.



The Costume Designers & Character-Specific Styles:

Sinclair London & The Buccaneers TV Series


Both costume designers Sheena Napier and Kate Carin designed looks to give each character their own chic identity. One of the remarkable aspects of the costume design in "The Buccaneers" is how it reflects the personalities and journeys of the characters. The costumes become a visual narrative, subtly conveying the character's growth and transformation throughout the series. Strong colour palettes, audacious fabrics and bespoke trims. Both costume designers shined and took ownership of each of the episodes they worked on.

Sheena Napier Costume designer who was nominated at the 65th Academy Awards for her work on the film Enchanted April brought strong fabric choices and historical accuracy and Kate Carin brought strong colour choices and fun design inspiration. Carin said “My brief when I came in was to bring up the colour and strengthen the silhouettes.” And indeed she did.


Conchita’s damask jacket with velvet collar look:

Sinclair London and The Buccaneers TV Series Conchitas look

Alicya said “Crafting a bespoke jacket pattern for Alisha Boe is one of the most satisfying elements of bespoke tailoring. We already had the skirt pattern to work with from a previous cutter so all we had to do was tailor something to Sheena’s brief. With each stage the tailored jacket evolved. With historical tailoring, Sheena wanted soft shoulders with no sleeve head role. Her choice of fabrics we captivating which really elevated Conchitas look.”

“The attention to detail was of such a high level, Im not sure if you noticed but around the collar we used the reverse side of the fabric to add a dimension whilst around the edging Sheena wanted the selvedge from the off cuts used to add a uniqueness to the jacket. Was truly something spectacular!”

Jinny’s Jade Green velvet look:

Sinclair London and The Buccaneers Jinnys corset

Jade green silk velvet

Alicya said “I loved working on this corset pattern and seeing this piece evolve. The fabric choice which was a jade green velvet with a delicate gold embroidery really gave this off the shoulder piece a regal look for Jinny and opened up the neckline for this particular ball scene.”


Conchita’s midnight blue look with beading detail:

 Nan’s Ball Dress

Alicya Sinclair’s costume team included - Monique McPherson, Sophie Litten, Louise Lawlor, Katie Ireland and freelancer Jennie Clarke.

Stay tuned as the scenes unfold, we will share more looks from the latest series.


Episode Images used solely for editorial purposes only and supplied by

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