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Artículo: Christmas Cocktails in the Clouds - Our 5 Best Roof Top Bars.

Christmas cocktails, 5 luxury roof top bars - Sinclair Stories

Christmas Cocktails in the Clouds - Our 5 Best Roof Top Bars.

Elevate Your Senses with our Epitome list of Luxury at Rooftop Bars.

In the radiant glow of city lights, where the skyline meets the stars, lies an unparalleled realm of sophistication—the rooftop bar. Elevating the art of libation to new heights, these celestial havens redefine luxury, offering an experience that transcends the ordinary and ascends into the extraordinary.

I absolutely love a roof top bar. The magic of the outdoors is exciting where ever you are in the world. Fine foods, breath taking views, lingering sunsets and of course good company. I share with you some of the most fashionable roof top destinations around the globe.

1. 100 Degree’s Sky Bar - London UK

Has to be my number 1. Set at Galvin at Windows on the 28th floor of the London Hilton on Park Lane. 10° Sky Bar is named after the golden hour when the setting sun creates a dusky glow over the city of London. Signature cocktails and mood music create any kind of memorable occasion. This is by far my go-to bar to have drinks in the clouds and catch up with friends.

2. Art’otel London Battersea - London, UK

Meet one of London’s favourite private rooftop spaces. The roof top bar everyone is talking about! Set in the Art’otel Hotel at Battersea Power Station, this hotel has a bolt artistic flare. Part cocktail bar, part heated infinity pool, this quaint roof top bar goes down well with views overlooking the Power Station. Enjoy easy listening house music by selected live dj’s with drinks and nibbles.

3. The ROOF at PUBLIC, New York, USA


A vibrant and energetic bar that appears to be floating in the sky! With jaw dropping 360-degree panoramic views of the city through floor-to-ceiling windows and a spectacular outdoor terrace, the bar offers the best views of New York City. It’s an ideal place to meet for sunset cocktails, while after dark, it transforms into a very sexy late-night hotspot, hosting the best local and international DJs.

4. The Mondrian - Los Angeles, USA

encapsulates everything the legendary hedonistic “Strip” stands for – excitement, invincibility and glamour. Located on the hotel’s rooftop, Skybar is an open-air, ivy-covered pavilion surrounding the rooftop pool, with wide open windows offering incredible views of Downtown Los Angeles.

A high-energy poolside lounge by day, the Skybar provides chilled drinks and cool waters for its guests, and when the sun sets, Skybar becomes one of West Hollywood’s hottest nightlife spots, transforming into a hip hangout venue with world-class DJs.

5. ROOF, at The Shanghai Edition, Shanghai, China

The Shanghai EDITION features two outdoor roof spaces that re-opened for the season for May2019. Located on the 29th floor and surrounded by a stunning ivy-covered trellis, ROOF is an open-air lounge area featuring one of the most spectacular panoramic views of Pudong from the Bund. The bar serves a range of classic and innovative libations prepared by EDITION’s expert mixologist.

In the realm of rooftop bars, every moment is an elevation of the senses. It's not just about what's in your glass; it's about the symphony of sensations that unfold with every sip. These elevated sanctuaries are not just bars; they are the epitome of luxury, where time slows down, and the world below fades away. For those who seek an experience beyond the ordinary, the rooftop bar beckons—a celestial haven where luxury touches the sky.

Main Photo by Anil Sharma

Written by Alicya Sinclair

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