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Artículo: The Alteration Memo 2.0 - Alteration Hacks

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The Alteration Memo 2.0 - Alteration Hacks

There is a lot of talks surrounding sustainability and how one can be more sustainable with the clothing choices. Approximately 350,000 tones of clothing end up in UK Landfill each year. According to a study conducted by the Waste Resources & Action Program, The textile industry is the second most polluting and damaging industry in the world after oil.  

With the new year in full swing most of our women take the time to prep their wardrobes for those career defining moments, client meetings, executive lunches and deal closing dinners. Most of us would have purchased items in the sale to get the most out of our money and possibility purchased sophisticated separates to partner with wardrobe staples. So, what if you could refine your wardrobe with the old and new. Knowing that any item you purchased could be transformed into a beautiful tailored piece. 

From January to March Sinclair London opens its alteration diary for just that purpose. To allow you to make the most out of your wardrobe. Old and new, vintage and modern.

Our tailors are expert craftsmen, specialist cutters and body connoisseurs. Trained to advise you on how to look polished in the workplace. 


The smallest of garment tweaks can have the biggest style effects on the body. Alteration hacks help to transform each piece and allows you to get the most financial wear out of your wardrobe. To get you going here are our teams top 3 alteration hacks to kick start the fitting transformation of your wardrobe. 

Hack 1 – Tack Darts 

This little trick is brilliant. For any women who is not the typical standard size. Earlier on in her career, Alicya would always safety pin in the waist of every top due to her larger bust size and smaller waist. Now – this is not something we would always recommend and is more of a quick fit for the day, but to make the look last longer we suggest tucking in and folding the excess fabric at the waist (or where it is loose) ad doing a few tacking stitches to hold in place. Effective, easy and a beautiful style & fabric feature added to your garment. 

Hack 2 – Shoulder pads 

One of our favourites! Great for any top and perfect for any blazer or jacket. An extra set of shoulder pads lifts and helps to sculpt the shoulder area, providing you with a framed silhouette. Power shoulders have often been referred to as a statement look in the workplace. It provides epic style but also a business-like no-nonsense demeanour. We recommend up to two sets of shoulder pads to provide the right frame. Make sure the edge of the shoulder pad sits about 1cm into the sleeve. 

Hack 3 – Turn Back Cuffs 

The “turn back cuff” method can be used for multiple items. Both the jacket and trouser reflect the most impact from this method. As a short-term solution, double rolling the cuffs or the length of a slim line trouser helps to keep your body in proportion visually. If you are more competent, turning the cuffs under and running a light hand stitch can also help to secure the feature in place. 


For more alteration hacks and video tutorials, speak to our tailors. 

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