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Article: The True Meaning of Mindful Dressing

The-True-Meaning-of-Mindful-Dressing Sinclair London

The True Meaning of Mindful Dressing

As returning to work becomes even more of an unknown possibility for many, the new normal unleashes a new emphasis on the importance of mindfulness. 

In a time where we have lost social interaction and our routine as we knew it, it’s important that we keep our mind positive and stimulated to ensure that we put our mental wellbeing first. With limitations to our social and work lives, being present on team calls and initiating conversations with colleagues can really help to fill the void if you are a person missing working amongst a physical team.

Many work environments can be stressful, which is why it’s important for us to establish a new way of working and find ways of managing these emotions from the comfort of our own home. Understanding the link between how we present ourselves and how making an effort with our appearance can make us feel is key in distinguishing a new routine. In reality, it is likely that we are judged first by appearance- a physical representation that often acts as a reflection of our confidence and emotional state. This form of expression has a profound impact on our relationships and how we face the world as we see it today. With the new normal working from home, the importance of dressing up and continuing to make an effort with our appearance is ever more heightened.

The key things we recommend focusing on when choosing outfits to work from home are colour, comfort and consistency


Wearing colours that suit your complexion can help you feel more confident and help ensure that you are prepared for those impromptu zoom calls from the boss. Researchers have found that certain colours can also help convey your mood and have proven to not only enhance your self worth but also makes you look more radiant.

Depending on how you’re feeling, vibrant and bright colours such as orange can help you stand out and bring you out of your shell for those days you feel ready to conquer, whilst red can project external energy and power. On trend colour and perfect for the fall season, burgundy has always been the Fashion Industries winter favourite as this hue can make you feel more stable and grounded. Statistics have shown that our state of mind changes when the seasons change. Opting for rich seasonal tones can help you make those more informed decisions when you feel more grounded and stable in yourself.



Comfortable yet sophisticated items such as fleece fabrics and soft fabrics with a bit of stretch which are kind on the skin are great ways to relieve stress and distinguish a comfortable work from home scenario. Together, each of these elements contribute towards a new balanced routine whilst maintaining a professional appearance. 



Dressing up when working from home can make us feel like our strong impressive selves. We all have days where motivation is difficult to build, but the key is finding a pattern that allows you to beat it.

So whether you’re working from home or back at work, do it in style; because if you look good, you’re likely to feel good and perform better at work! 

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