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Article: The Alteration Memo 1.0

The-Alteration-Memo-1.0 Sinclair London

The Alteration Memo 1.0

There is no time like the present to prepare your return-to-work wardrobe. After months spent working from home, some of us maybe slowly returning to our second home we call the office. Excited to be able to dress up and feeling empowered by what we wear again we provide you with the most economical way of tailoring those key pieces in your closet with The Alteration Room. Revamp, reinvest and revive your return to work style. Whether you are dressing for the office or still locked down doing virtual meetings – do it in style.

Here are our top 5 alteration tips giving your garments a new lease of life.


Depending on your height and shape, having garments too long can either drown you or add years onto you. Whether it is a pair of pants, or a skirt, by shortening the hem to your desired length can not only modernise the look of the garment but can also give the item a totally new look.


For many of us, we are not the standard dress size 10 or 14. And unless you purchase garments that have a lot of stretch in them us as females we can sometimes find it complicated on deciding on the right size. Always opt for the larger size to compensate for your bust or hips and then show off those curves by having the waistline taken in to highlight your silhouette underneath. Create the perfect fitting garment for your shape will not only sharpen the fit but will also make you feel more confident.


Loose the boxy shoulders and opt for a more tailored and feminine jacket look by narrowing and softening the shoulders. With the work wear attire becoming slightly more relaxed, a casual yet smart jacket is the statement piece to have. Bring your vintage jackets right up to date and take inches off your neckline by narrowing the shoulders.



We all have that pair of old wide leg trousers in which we have had for years. Well made great quality but some-what lacking in style. By tapering the trouser of even an old straight skirt into a pencil skirt can slimline and elongate the legs. Turning that item into a classic investment piece you can dig out time and time again.


Minimal style features can really enhance the look of a garment. Add a touch of glam and personality by changing or adding subtle details such as the buttons, zips, shoulder pads and pockets.

Really utilise your wardrobe to the full by becoming inventive with your style. Tailor those ill fitting pieces this autumn and maximise the financial gain your wardrobe has to offer you.

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