Mind, Body and Soul Christmas Gift Guide

This season we bring to you a curated selection of Christmas Gifts to help nurture the mind, body and soul. Indulge in our selection to be shared with your loved ones to help amplify your beauty, both inside and out.


The Mind

My Simple A-Z Guide

Jan Sinclair book - My Simple A-Z


A must read treasure.  My Simple A-Z is for any women looking to catapult into the new year with gusto. This little book offers some fresh hints and tips. Written by a qualified life & career coach, Jan Sinclair, this easy to read guide offers the readers a head start on how to navigate the world of life, being the best version of yourself and living life on purpose. The perfect gift for the season, why not buy one for yourself and your bestie. 



The Body

79 Lux

79 Lux Beauty Brand


As part of our WomenLed Commitment and a member of The Women’s Chapter, we share with you a luxury beauty brand by beauty expert Karen Cummings-Palmer. 79 Lux is serious skincare for the body using organic and wild crafted superfood ingredients with skincare changing actives. Using luxurious formulations to nourish, nurture and protect the skin without compromising health and the planet. This season is all about the gold infused body oil. Infused with Marula, Frankincense, Rose and Helichrysum. An anti-inflammatory oil known to increase elasticity and collagen. The reason why this product was Shortlisted at the Beauty Awards last year.



The Soul

London Tea Exchange Book Collection

LTE - The Royal Collection


Brought to you by one of our Brand Partners, London Tea Exchange. This tea selection is part of our Nobel collection, contains 4 loose leaf teas. These teas include, Premium White Chai, Premium Emperor’s Green (originally reserved only for Chinese Royalty) , Premium Shangri La Produced by hand in pristine beauty and the Premium Royal Yellow Tea One (served at the Royal Wedding). Sip tea like royals this season with this alluring tea collection. Available both at London Tea Exchange and Harrods.

Best Sellers

Sensuality is having the confidence to unapologetically wear what you want.

Alicya Sinclair