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Makale: Why you Should Consider a Suit for your Destination Wedding

Why-you-Should-Consider-a-Suit-for-your-Destination-Wedding Sinclair London

Why you Should Consider a Suit for your Destination Wedding

When the words suit and wedding come together, it is hardly impossible not think about an iconic moment that happened in 1971: Bianca and Mick Jagger wedding.

The couple got marry in Saint Tropez, where the bride made history by wearing an exquisite white blazer created by Yves Saint Laurent, as she distinguished herself in a sea of gowns with puffy sleeved and embroidered flowers typical of the 70s, leading the way for all the future brides that wanted to opt for a suit for their big day.

As wedding season is upon us, and as the boarders are just starting to open up again, many brides don’t feel comfortable investing in a big, voluminous gown, especially for a destination wedding.

White women's wedding suit

As seen on many influencers that got married these past months, the wedding suit seems to be the perfect solution in order to look elegant, polish andsophisticated. The great thing about choosing a perfectly tailored suit, is that you are going be able to wear the blazer or pants separate for another occasion.

Furthermore, a tailored suit is great for a hot climate destination, as it’s easy to layer a beautiful blouse underneath a blazer, which you can remove when the ceremony ends, and as you get ready for the celebrations.

 women white suit

Here are some great options if you are planning a romantic destination wedding and are thinking about choosing a blazer and pant combination.

1. Blazer and Shorts

This is the perfect option if you are having your wedding in a particularly warm location, such as a Greek island or a tropical destination. You will look polish and elegant, but still weather appropriate.

2. Lace Suit

If you want to wear a suit on your big day, but still want it to have a romantic feel, that a lace suit is the perfect option for you. If you are planning a wedding in a romantic city, such as Rome or Paris, then look no further.

3. Classic white suit

If you decide that you want to keep your suit very simple and classic and maybe have your shoes or bag be the center of attention, this is the suit for you. Sometimes less is more.

4. Sinclair London White Cotton Drill Suit

This Sinclair London blazer is a fantastic option for your wedding, as it is made out of cotton, which means is going to work great in summer weather, and it also makes it unique with the red pop of colour in the collar.

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