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Makale: Summer Style Guide with Chloe Fundak

Summer-Style-Guide-with-Chloe-Fundak Sinclair London

Summer Style Guide with Chloe Fundak

What unexpected gems will I find this season?

This season’s inspiration leans towards sheer fabrics but for wait for it, inspired to wear during the evening and day to day wear (who knew?) introduced to the shelves through the use of muted champagne tones and prints making sure to maintain its original details like black lace as trims and beading.  

As expected, textured bags are coming in HOT as we prepare for departure. Reliable staple linen shirts, shorts and dresses are the first to be placed in a suitcase as we move through the summer season. Not forgetting those summer accessories, statement earrings are a MUST alongside beaded bags and bolder prints focusing on sunset tones.

Sinclair London Summer Style Guide - Beach

Let your outfit do the talking, so you don’t have to at those social events! 

Sinclair Style Guide - Sporting Event

Let’s not forget our favorites, oversized relaxed trousers for those evening strolls still amidst the festival energy and ruffle skirts.

Yes, the inspo is all very well and good but what am I going to do with this oversized blazer I bought after the event? RESTYLE IT! This may have been bought for that evening dinner but who’s to say you can’t wear it again for something else.

Sinclair Style Guide - Beach 2

It’s great to use this as a starting point for your next outfit. Think about using the colour wheel and gradients to guide and elevate your wardrobe.

I would start by using toned down fabrics/ styles to build onto your outfit if the blazer is the star of the show as introducing exciting elements can feed into this later (like what I said with statement earrings).

Sinclair Style Guide Summer - Business

Let’s not forget shoes too! Slip on loafers complete the fit of a linen suit. Chloe this is all very well and good but where am I going to put my phone? I hear you ask.

Fear not my friend as pockets/ zips are still vital components of streetwear styled outfits worn for evening and casual wear, so you’ll have plenty of options. Again, this can be styled with a heel or a branded trainer as we all love a treat every now and then as self-care.

Five Styling Tips from Chloe

• Tip one whatever you choose whether it’s that statement blazer or flare co-ord wear it with confidence. Remember how it made you feel when you first locked eyes with it, carry the feeling to that bottomless brunch.

Sinclair London Summer - Brunch
• Tip two when choosing footwear for ascot think about your feet, look after them!
Consider mules as they are fantastic if you’re debating between a 5-inch heel which you spend all day retying those wrap around ties. Remember you’re there to enjoy and be present.

• Tip three focusing on jewellery, like I said statement earrings. Believe it or not I am going to allow you to layer and mix different coloured jewellery (unheard of usually) but gold on the left hand and silver on the right hand that’s what I do, but you choose!

• Tip four don’t be afraid of hats! as we need to protect our heads and hair in this season. Mixing textured hats and bags offer an essence of holiday vibes alongside completing the elegant look of occasion wear when heading to Ascot in a diamante fascinator.

• Finally tip five ALWAYS think about ways to restyle as much as you can yes it was bought for a dinner and a friend has said ‘you can’t wear that to work it’s too dressy’ who says? Of course, you can and you’re being sustainable too. Remember what I said about the colour wheel and fabrics think of ways to swap out footwear/bags and hats and you’ll be absolutely fine. Don’t worry.

Vibing and thriving is the energy of the season!

Well, I hope you have all enjoyed the read and feel inspired to go forth and experiment with your own wardrobe, thanks for taking a moment to indulge in this article.

Chloe x

Disclaimer : We are not reselling or advertising accessories , images are For inspirational purposes only.

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