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Article: Rise With Fall - Steps to Sustainability

Rise-With-Fall-Steps-to-Sustainability Sinclair London

Rise With Fall - Steps to Sustainability

As we embrace fall season and the changes of the world today, we explore outerwear as an essential wardrobe element and a key part of our fall attire.

Not only does outerwear provide us with warmth and comfort, but it also provides us with the ability to layer our clothing accordingly, giving us full flexibility for the unpredictable whether to come.

Coats and jackets are absolute must haves when it comes down to fall season. Fabrics such as wool and cashmere are popular features for the fall season as not only are they great insulators, but also have several sustainable attributes such as being recyclable and renewable, allowing you to get cozy at a lower cost to the environment.Wool as we know is not only renewable and biodegradable, but is the most reused and recyclable fibre on the planet of the major apparel fibres.


In the age of mass fashion, many of us are guilty of over buying and under-using. The demand for these essential wardrobe pieces send many of us on an annual search for new and exclusive outerwear pieces, yet according to one survey, nearly half of the clothes in the average UK person’s wardrobe are never worn, primarily because they no longer fit or have gone out of style. As we become a more sustainably conscious society, it is important to acknowledge the responsibility we each have to help reduce carbon emissions. In the UK, continuing to actively wear a garment for just nine months longer could diminish its environmental impacts by 20–30%. 

By recognising the value in our current wardrobe and utilising the opportunities we have to give our old clothes a new lease of life, we can help combat carbon footprint from fast fashion. It is clear that investing in higher-quality clothing, wearing them more often and holding onto them for longer, is a great way of securing a more sustainable way of living. Alteration services such as Sinclair London’s very own Alteration room allows us to revamp, reinvest and revive key pieces to ensure our wardrobe provides us with the optimal return on investment, whatever the season has in store for us. Allowing you to buy now and love your winter pieces forever. Luxury storage facilities can help protect our investment pieces in the best way, giving them a new appeal when they are returned to us a year later. Services such as these highlight why there is value in shopping with longevity, quality of cut and timeless style in mind, over trends. 

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