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Article: What to Wear during Transitional Season?

What-to-Wear-during-Transitional-Season Sinclair London

What to Wear during Transitional Season?

With the days becoming increasingly cooler and we transition from the summer months into the Autumn/Fall seasons. It is important to remember that purchasing a whole new wardrobe is not imperative. Studies show consumers only wear 20% of what is in their wardrobe 80% of the time.

For this year's Autumn Winter fashion consumers are striving for more put together looks, pieces that are versatile and have longevity, as consumers are becoming more conscious in their purchasing habits. I will be going through some of the latest trends for the colder months for this year and next year.  

Colours to Look out for this season


 The colour palette for this Autumn Winter season is black, black remains the colour this season, fitting in with the desire for clothing longevity. Black is still the colour most people lean towards, will continue to love, particularly in the colder months. Something to consider when purchasing a new clothing item would be to invest in a solid colour, like black. This can be worn in several ways for various occasions whether it is to a business meeting or to a Christmas party.


Jackets and shoes in black are always a promising choice as most of us have this in our wardrobes already and can be worn year after year. If you are thinking to add a new piece to your wardrobe, perhaps a black pump or loafer would be very chic depending on the occasion. 





Interestingly the trans seasonal shade we are seeing more of for this season are pastel shades particularly pastel blue. This consigns nicely with the versatility trend we are seeing lately. This shade can add a nice feminine touch to your outfits, if you are someone that wears neutrals often but wants to add some colour into their wardrobe. Adding accessories, in other colours, can add a lot of interest to your wardrobe, for example a matching hat and scarf. So, if you impulsively bought a peach-coloured blouse or lavender Cashmere scarf that you never wear, that sits at the back off your wardrobe now would be the time to experiment! 

Neutrals colours remain most popular in high end clothing, having a neutral based wardrobe means being able to interchange with all your pieces. This implies, that you can layer any pieces in your wardrobe and experiment with your outfits. Neutral based wardrobes tend to be a more functional and versatile addition to your outfits which are then suitable for every occasion. My personal favourites include; Black, Beige, and Charcoal grey, they often pair nicely with other complimentary or accent colours. 


The key thing to remember is versatility is not just the type of clothing but also recognising that colour adds another dimension to your attire. Hopefully, this article inspires you not just to purchase the latest item but also to consider, what you already have as we transition into the colder months. 


Next time you are shopping be on the lookout for some of these trends and see how people are styling them. 



                                                                     Jessica X

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