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Article: A Conscious Christmas - 3 Creative Gifting Ideas to think about.

3 Creative Gifting Ideas to think about - Sinclair Stories

A Conscious Christmas - 3 Creative Gifting Ideas to think about.

As we head into December the first weekend tends to be the busiest with festive shopping and gift creation. With so many items on the market to purchase, this season we present to you some creative ideas to make your gifts extra special, memorable and more personable.

The Gift of Giving – Festive Favourite Ideas

'Tis the season to be jolly'....

Christmas is a time for showing love and expressing gratitude for our loved ones. It is a time to show those who are dearest to us that we appreciate them, and we show this through giving. This does not need to be a physical gift necessarily, as I will get into further on in the article. Generosity and giving are also not limited to our closest family and peers; we can give to a stranger. Unfortunate circumstances in our society have forced families to become more creative this year when it comes to gifting. Many of us adhere to a more sustainable lifestyle, or try to, which influences our shopping habits. Many consumers still intend to spend this Christmas however, many will be more conscious of what they buy this year.

 Christmas Gifts Article

The Personalisation

Brands are taking notice of this increased desire for budget-friendly, unique gifts. A recent report from eBay suggests, ‘64% of consumers say thoughtful gifts are much more appreciated than expensive gifts.’ Brands such as Olivia Van Halle, Astrid & Miyu, and Selfridges are offering personalisation opportunities on their websites. Personalised jewellery, particularly necklace chains, is popular this year and makes a thoughtful gift idea. Selfridges has come out with several personalised gifts recently, one being a customisable Moet selection in time for Christmas.

The Experience

Giving is a way to provide and show love. For some families, they may prioritise quality time rather than physical goods, such as seeing a show or attending a concert. Experiences are a wonderful way to bring people together and create memories, and there is no right way to do this. It could be gifting your loved ones with tickets to see a Christmas show or booking a dining experience for the whole family for those who want to do something a bit different this year. Or keeping a day free on your busy schedule to see the Christmas lights. Not to be biased, but London is one of the best cities to see Christmas light displays. Whether it is an organised event at the light show in Kew Gardens or an after-work stroll through central London landmarks such as Covent Garden or Regent Street. For some of the most sought after festive events, take a look at our Privé List.

Quality Gifting over Quantity

Consumers will prioritise giftable products. Many consumers are being mindful of the types of products they are buying this year, as environmental issues as well as the cost of living are still prevalent. As aforementioned, consumers value the thoughtfulness that goes into gift-giving. Purchasing something you know will last and has longevity, understanding why a certain material is better to invest in over another one. For example, when buying your loved one a new bedding set, you may want to opt for quality silk sheets as opposed to ones made of polyester, as polyester bed sheets may be more prone to bobbling, for example.

Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration and creative ideas on ways to gift your loved ones this Christmas this year. Thank you for reading.

Jessica Adamson

Image taken by Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA production.

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