Sinclair London Collaborates with Royal Tea Supplier

September 2019 - The brand who supplies teas to the Royals and for Heads of State collaborates for a London Fashion Week experience. 

London, UK: Sinclair London collaborates with the London Tea Exchange for a Royal Afternoon Tea Experience with 4 of the rarest teas in the World. 

Hosted in the Penthouse suite of the Mandrake Hotel with an exclusive guest lists from individuals from the BBC, influencers, editors and luxury experts. 

London tea Exchange presentation with Sinclair London


The Sinclair London capsule collection focused on a winter palette of burgundies, blues and blacks with lace detail and introducing a few red-carpet gowns.Sinclair London presented a salon style catwalk show with looks designed to complement each exclusive tea crafted by Sheikh Aliur Rahman and his team. Each catwalk piece was designed with each tea in mind to bring the history and heritage to life. 

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