5 Steps to Create a Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe

The first step in order to create a sustainable capsule wardrobe is to take some time to go through your clothes to find new ways to mix and match what you already own.


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Shopping your closet can be a smart way to dig out those vintage items that maybe have forgot about.

Remember: anything you haven’t worn in awhile, you may want to think about gifting it to charities, giving it to friends or using our Garment Concierge service to re-style old items into almost a new modern piece.



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Now that you are left with the pieces that you truly love, start to lay them out and identify any specific colours and cuts that you tend to prefer and that suit your silhouette. Trying things on can be a helpful way to understand what suits you and the best colours against your skin tone. This process will ensure you know what to look for when buying new pieces.




Before going shopping, create a list of items that you feel are missing from your wardrobe. Pieces in which you feel compliment existing items within your closet. Make sure to be specific and have that list nearby as a reminder. This way you are sure to only pick up the items that you need to complete specific looks.





The most important thing when creating a capsule wardrobe is to make sure you invest in great quality pieces constructed from quality fabrics and fibres. Grasping an understanding of fibres means you can always be ruthless when shopping. Always read the label in order to know where the garment is made and what properties the item is made from. Furthermore, try to look for natural high quality fabrics with a mix of fibre properties, to make sure it has longevity. Learning more about fabric properties will allow you to understand how each garment will respond after multiple washes and for years to come.





Now that your wardrobe consists of fine quality, luxury basics that you are going to be able to mix and match, it is vital to organise it logically. Store the clothes by categories and try to colour co-ordinate them.

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To help you organise your closet, we recommend investing in higher quality hangers and either boxes or garment bags where you can store the most delicate items and care for those key investment pieces. Having a clear view of everything you own, will ensure you don’t forget to wear something. 

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